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We  are commited towards the advancement of  technology to provide smart products . It helps us make possible  more green environment-friendly way of life. We are promised to our customers  to their needs. We design and service electromechanical devices and systems to high-speed robotics and programmable logic controllers. We have  expanded automation beyond its roots in Manufacturing to include applications in Healthcare, Security, Transportation, Agriculture, Construction, Energy, and many other areas



Founder and Principal

Dear Partners

Since early last year, the world has seen wave after wave of the COVID-19 virus. First and foremost, I extend my sincerest sympathies to all those who have contracted the virus.


Project Manager

Our objectives under the Midterm Corporate Strategy 2021 is the enhanced adoption of digital-transformation (DX), and we have been doing so by accelerating initiatives in this area. Leveraging our company's diverse industry know-how, we are now working on ways to further promote DX and structural reforms throughout .


VP Marketing

We will be known for our unique approach to marketing. We will do high-quality work, as good or better than what the very best brands agencies could deliver.

We will question the norms. Why are we doing this? Can we do it another way?


VP Finance

We will execute innovative financial strategies to generate additional growth for the Group.The DNA of Innovation That Has Driven Adwyno to Constantly Take on New and Unprecedented Challenges Will Support Coming Generations

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